Neapolitan Banana Split Shake


One of my BIGGEST struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is avoiding the midnight snack. It’s not that I’m necessarily hungry at night, but I always seem to want something before bed. This is the perfect snack for me because it is healthy and delicious!

Here is the recipe for 2!


*1 scoop vanilla powder

*1 scoop chocolate powder

1 1/2 C Water

1/2 C Almond milk

1 banana (frozen)

4-5 frozen strawberries

1/2 C ice


Blend and enjoy!


***           Are you looking for a HEALTHY shake? This one is my absolute favorite because it is delicious AND it is packed FULL of superfoods. Send me a message if you’d like more info!



I am a 30 year old California native who just moved back to the state after being away for 10 years. In that time, I've established a career that I love and spent the last 3 years completely invested in. I absolutely love teaching high school, but I have an overwhelming sense of regret that I let my love for my students and my desire to help them take away the time I could have spent with my mom and my husband. It is for this reason, plus my overwhelming desire for adventure, that I've asked my husband if we could move back to my home state. I'm coming back fulfilled and confident but completely broken as I've now lost both parents. I'm just trying to put back the pieces as I figure out how to honor both of them while truly being happy and moving forward. I'm essentially starting fresh, as a lifelong mourner. Each day is a tribute to them and to my marriage. I feel a rush of excitement and I know that though the change is HUGE, it is going to be incredible. My dream is to laugh every day, allow myself to grieve my losses, regain my relationship with God, and build a stronger relationship with my love. Cheers to new adventures!

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